TruWORD Multiligual Word Processor

The Platform - (A Win-Win Platform)
This platform is designed with a mission to PROMOTE NIGERIAN LANGUAGES through our product (TruWORD) and to COMPENSATE YOUR EFFORTS for helping our mission. This platform is programmed as a BINARY SYSTEM because it only requires you to refer two people for you to get compensated and encourage them (only the two people under you) to do the same for you to continue getting compensated, that’s all you have to do! As simple as this system is, you can make it difficult for yourself when you promise to get two people for one person because you might have to get another four for the two people you just got and so on. So KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) make sure you put two people that can replicate under you, that’s the easiest way out.

Payments & Compensations (SMS alert & Email notification for every transaction)
This platform is FREE and automated to pay for the License for TruWORD and compensate members. These compensations are paid directly into your online TruWallet, all you have to do is to login to withdraw your earning into your bank account. You don't have to bother yourself about whom you're going to be paying or those that will be paying you because this platform has been programmed to do that! Everything you have to do is just a click of the mouse away

These pictures summaries how the ranking is done! (Every account starts at Silver Stage)
Silver Stage Entry (Level 1)
Silver Stage, Level 2
Silver Stage, Level 3
Silver Stage, Level 4
Gold Stage also has Level 1 - 4