TruWORD Multiligual Word Processor

How do I type languages like Yorùbá, Igbo, Hause, etc. on my computer?
All you need on your computer is to install TruWORD Multilingual Word Processing Software.
The read the help manual ("TruWORD Help.pdf") in the Program files.

What is TruWORD?
TruWORD is an advanced (yet simple to to use) multilingual text-editing licensed software with features to type, view and edit your documents in English & Nigerian languages like Yorùbá, Hausa & Igbo on your computer with all the correct tonal mark without any need for external keyboard. TruWORD has been tested, trusted and accepted by Nigerians home and aborad and Non-Nigerians with desires to tone-mark Nigerian Languages correctly.

What type of computer/system can run TruWORD?
Any computer that runs Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later version.

Who can I use TruWORD?
TruWORD is very easy to use but only two groups of people can use TruWORD!
One, any computer user who has ever used any other word processor can use TruWORD.
And the other is anyone who can read simple instructions display to him/her whenever he/she wants to do something.

How I purchase TruWORD?
You can purchase TruWORD directly on this website, from any software vendor in Nigeria or through our offline marketers.

How do I activate TruWORD?
Once you purchase TruWORD and refer two people, a unique License Key (LK) will be automatically generated for your account.
After installation, run TruWORD and you would be requested to enter your LK.
Enter the LK and an Installation Key (IK) would be automatically generated for you.
Login into your account to generate your Activation Key (AK) on
Supply your IK in the provided space and click on Generate to get your AK instantly.
Then enter your AK on TruWORD and click Activate.
Your software will be automatically activated. Write your LK, IK & AK for future use.

What if I format/chage my hard-disk?
You can reinstall & reactivate TruWORD even if you had to format/change your hard-disk.
All you have to do is to re-enter your previous installations details.

How do I withdraw the Reserved Payments?
Reserved payments are the payments you received in your current level or payment for levels beyond. Instead of losing your payments, they would be saved in your wallet as reserved payments and will be automatically withdrawable when you upgrade your level!