TruWORD Multiligual Word Processor
TruWORD™ Multilingual Word Processing Software
 The 21st Century Technological Tool to Effectively Typeset Nigerian Languages.

TruWORD is an advanced (yet simple to to use) multilingual text-editing licensed software with features to type, view and edit your documents in English & Nigerian languages like Yorùbá, Hausa & Igbo on your computer with all the correct tonal mark without any need for external keyboard. TruWORD has been tested, trusted and accepted by Nigerians home and aborad and Non-Nigerians with desires to tone-mark Nigerian Languages correctly.

About the Platform - (A Win-Win Platform)
Our languages are gradually disappearing and it’s high time somebody did something, we have decided to contribute our quota in reviving them from extinction… this is our mission and we believe we’ll achieve it sooner than we expected! This platform is designed to promote Nigerian languages and compensate anyone who is ready to join us in this campaign! Click here to see how it works!
The platform is automated, secure, legal, transparent, feasible with SMS alert & Email notification for every transaction!

About You: Your Task & Benefits
We have been promoting TruWORD for a while, it now time to leverage our coverage by including you in the campaign! We have automated and implemented a binary system to compensate your efforts all along. In this binary system, you are only required to purchase a license to TruWORD, encourage two people to do the same and get compensated repeatedly! Each license to TruWORD is sold for N15,000 but you can get your license at N5,000 only when you are able to refer two people to purchase and do likewise. See our compensation chart or click here to see how it works!